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Fast Turn Around Time! (currently 2 - 3 weeks for up to 3 quilts)

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Professional machine quilting service with perfect stitching every time!

Let us help make your quilt into an everlasting treasured heirloom that you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime to come!

Special Offer: First-time customers get 25% off each of their first quilts ordered! Just enter promo code newcustomer at checkout!

Price your quilt instantly

width / length are in inches

What you'll get

  • precision machine quilting
  • perfect stitching every time
  • quilt done in as little as 10 days
  • reliable, attentive, friendly staff
  • fair, affordable, easy to understand pricing

The Quilts Everlasting Experience

So here's what happens when you send us one of your treasured quilts...


As soon as your quilt arrives, we take it out of its package and enter all provided information about it - including any special instructions you've given - into our customer tracking system.

Your quilt will be tracked every step of the way, and we'll send you an e-mail each time its status changes, so you'll always have the most up-to-date information.


While your quilt awaits its turn on the quilting machine, we keep it stored securely in a beautiful hat box, like the ones shown here.


Hurray! The time has arrived and your quilt is now ready to be finished!

Using the lovely pattern, style, and thread you've selected, we carefully place your quilt on the machine and prep it for the quilting process it's about to undergo.

We use a state-of-the-art Gammill computer guided long-arm quilting machine, featuring guaranteed perfect stitching on each and every quilt.


All done! Quilted, finished, packaged securely, and ready to be sent home to you.

We use only secure shipping methods that provide complete and reliable tracking information.

You'll know exaclty where your finished quilt is each and every day, until it arrives safe and sound back to you.

Our customers rave about the job we do on their quilts

Featured Audio Testimonial: Cynthia Sexton

"Wow!... oh my gosh your work is fantastic. I cannot tell you how pleased I am." Katie from Sandy Valley, Nevada

"I received the quilt last night and it is absolutely beautiful. You did an excellent job! My daughter said that it looks so beautiful that she wants to display it and not use it. Thank you again for quilting for me and doing such a wonderful job." Jody from Gig Harbor, Washington

"I am very happy with the job you did. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! Words can not say how EXTREMELY HAPPY I am! Thank you so much and I'll certainly remember you with any future projects I have!!!" Donamae from Gettysburg, PA

"IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I can not begin to say how pleased i am with it!!!!! I actually had tears in my eyes when I opened it and ran my fingers over the stitching! You do not know what happiness you have brought me!" Debra from Easton, CT

"Wow!!!--more than pleased with the quality of work and the service with a smile!" Kris Heather

"Great service, Highly Recommended. Very pleased with results! Will use service again!" judlou

"I just got the quilt and it is better than fabulous!!! You really made my work look good. I am so thankful to you for working thisin so quickly!" Cathie from Ohio

Here are just a few reasons to have us finish your lovely quilts

Over 35 years experience

Hi, my name is Debbie Allen. I own and operate my own professional quilting service shop here in beautiful Cache Valley, Idaho! I have had over 35 years experience as a seamstress and quilter. I am an award winning quilter, having personally sewn 100's of quilts myself and taught many others how to quilt too.

Gammill computer guided quilting machine

With the new statler stitcher computer guided quilting machine you are guaranteed a perfectly finished quilt everytime! The statler stitcher is computer guided so it creates precision stitches with every single stitch! Your beautiful quilted creations are guaranteed to have an equally beautiful and symmetrical finish to them.

Incredibly fast turn around

The Gammill Professional Quilting machine has given us the ability to finish customer's quilts with incredible speed and precision. This has given them more time to spend on designing and creating their quilts rather than the actual finishing of them.

Smoke free and pet free environment

We love animals, but not in our quilt shop. The quilting is performed entirely from start to finish in a smoke & pet free environment. We respect the work and the love that you have put into your quilt and we treat it accordingly - just like it was one of our own!

To get started, why not have a look at our many beautiful Quilt Patterns

We'd Love to hear from you!

Special Note from Debbie:One of the things you'll quickly find out and hopefully appreciate is that we really do enjoy talking with our customers. The stories behind the quilts that pass through our shop everyday are truly remarkable! They are filled with love, compassion, charity, and gratitude! If you have a quilt that you've been working on, we'd love to hear about it. So if you have any questions, comments, or would just like to tell us about your quilting project, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call! 1-888-402-2920

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